EMS World: FD CARES’ Data-driven Approach to Mobile Integrated Health

EMS World publication highlights the FD CARES model as a data-driven approach to mobile integrated health. Fire departments around the nation are piloting a wide range of new services to improve population health outcomes and meet the Triple Aim of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The Kent Regional Fire Authority (RFA) is leading this transformation with a data-driven response model called FD CARES. FD CARES is a separate division of the Kent RFA designed to better meet the needs of two segments of their population: 911 callers with non-emergent medical needs; and “high-risk, high-cost” patients. Using a criteria-based dispatch system, FD CARES identifies non-emergent 911 calls and deploys a Registered Nurse and Firefighter/EMT. Equipped with longer response times and a low-cost vehicle, this clinical team works to stabilize patients at home, connect them with care, or navigate them to lower-cost alternatives. When they are not responding to 911 calls, FD CARES uses 911 incident respond data to identify and proactively address the needs of high-volume users of 911 and the emergency department.

FD CARES works to reduce unnecessary and avoidable emergent department visits and connect patients with quality, affordable healthcare. “We just want to be the hub of the wheel that gets everyone connected.” The success of the FD CARES model depends on being data-driven and integrating their services into the existing healthcare ecosystem. “I think this has to be an example of how we want our healthcare system to be successful in the next 5-10 years.”

Read the full article here, The Hub of the Wheel: How FD Cares is Cutting 911 & Hospital Use.



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