Institute for Health Improvement: Call FD CARES for Population Health

The Institute for Health Improvement (IHI), a leading innovator of health care improvement worldwide, reports that fire departments are driving population health outcomes in their community. “Fire departments are important community partners in the drive to improve population health.” They are trusted members of the community, they are in people’s homes, and they operate outside of the typical fee-for-service healthcare industry.

The Kent Regional Fire Authority (RFA) in Kent, Washington, is improving population health outcomes through a new service model, called FD CARES. Using a Registered Nurse and a Firefighter/EMT, the FD CARES division responds to non-emergent 911 calls with longer response times and a low-cost vehicle. The clinical team also makes proactive visits to “high-risk, high-cost” patients identified through aggregate 911, hospital, and payer data. This new service model delivers high-value healthcare by deploying a lower-cost response, stabilizing more patients at home, and navigating patients to lower-cost alternatives to the emergency department.

Read the full article here, Calling 911 to Pursue Population Health


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