Transforming fire department healthcare services


FD CARES works collaboratively with fire departments to help them adapt to the rapidly changing healthcare system and to meet the demands of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. FD CARES solutions improve 911 response efficiency, expand healthcare services, and integrate fire department healthcare services into the broader healthcare system. Contact us to see FD CARES can help your fire department start a Non-Emergency Medical Services division and start collecting revenues.


Data Solutions
FD CARES provides fire departments with training and technology solutions to power their Non-Emergency Medical Service operations.Data Solutions

Operations & Integration
FD CARES optimizes fire departments’ Non-Emergency Medical Services to meet the needs of communities and partnering healthcare organizations.

Revenue Generation
FD CARES designs and implements new revenue streams to fund fire departments’ Non-Emergency Medical Service operations.

 Value Proposition

  • Optimization & Efficiency: match response time, personnel, vehicle and service delivery to customer needs
  • Health Systems Integration: integrate fire department health services into the broader healthcare system
  • Revenue Generation: develop new revenue streams to fund your Non-Emergency Medical Service operations.
  • Reliability: increase the percentage of time emergency aid units are available to respond to true emergencies
  • Rapid Response: improve emergency response times for true emergencies
  • Service Expansion: achieve sustainable growth by delivering non-emergency healthcare services to your community