FD CARES optimizes fire department healthcare services to meet the needs of your healthcare organization. Located in close proximity to your customers and available 24-7-365, FD CARES participating fire departments are strategically positioned to deliver and direct trusted community care. Contact us to see how FD CARES can help your organization engage your current customers, acquire new customers, and meet the triple aim: better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower per capita costs.

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FD CARES for Healthcare Organizations

Your community partner for healthcare

Our team works collaboratively with your leadership to engage and partner with local fire departments.

Value Proposition

  • Local Access: offer customers a convenient way to access your health system, 24/7, 365.
  • Customer Satisfaction: staffed with trusted professionals
  • Customer Engagement: increase customer engagement in appropriate healthcare services and improve self-management support
  • Utilization management: direct customers to the appropriate level of cost-effective care
  • Transitional care: ensure continuity of care from the hospital to the community
  • Reduce Per Capita Costs: reduce costs associated with avoidable ED visits, 30-day re-admissions, over-utilization and uncompensated care.
  • Brand Reach: increase your service area without additional brick & mortar facilities